Learning Roots & Shoots™

  • The only Parent Portal in the world that enables Parents and Teachers visualise their preschooler’s entire portfolio of learning stories and outcomes in a single holistic view 
  • Save your early learning centre thousands of dollars per year in admin, non contact and existing parent portfolio costs
  • Communicate learning outcomes easily with parents, teachers, and ERO.

In a Nutshell…

1) it’s a clever Kiwi invention

(and like most brilliant ideas, it’s simple too!)

2) it mimics nature

(using a clever problem solving process called “biomimicry” to visualise children’s learning and development as shoots emerging on a tree),

3) it’s popular

(every parent and teacher who has seen this, simply loves what this means for their child),

4) Cost to your centre is only $0.80 per child per month!!

(so far we have a few hundred centres in NZ using Roots & Shoots™ to display learning outcomes for each child and we aim to have over 1000 centres signed up by the end of 2020).

In Detail…


What if you could give your Child a unique advantage by identifying their learning trends and developing interests and skills as early as possible?
Our clever little Kiwi invention lets you “visualise” your child’s entire learning history and learning directions – all on one evolving ”live” Roots and ShootsTM diagram.
The model is based on a clever analogy that:

“Shoots” are the visible part of a tree that:

  • reveal the fruits, flowers, leaves, branches
  • show which directions the skills and learning are growing in for your child.

“Roots” are the invisible part of a tree that:

  • are hidden within (i.e. just like hidden potential, interests, skills, etc in your child)
  • absorb nutrients (i.e. just like learning from teachers, family and the environment)
  • hold the foundations steady for growth of the entire tree.


This is the only Parent Portal system in the world that allows parents to view their child’s entire portfolio of learning stories and learning outcomes holistically in one single view of a beautiful tree.

What do Parents and Teachers think of Roots & Shoots™?

WINNING INVENTION IN THE 2013 NZ EARLY CHILDHOOD COUNCIL / TELECOM NZ INNOVATION AWARD – Presented to Nikeeta Singh (owner of Chrysalis Group of Early Learning Centres), by Hon. Hekia Parata, Minister of Education at the NZ Early Childhood Council conference on 25 May 2013.